Post-Abortion Recovery

At Options for Women, we recognize that you may experience emotions similar to post partum depression following your decision to have an abortion. We are here for you and want to help support you emotionally as you grow through the recovery process. We have a series of lessons that can help walk you through some of the feelings you may be facing in a one on one session. During the lessons you will be able to listen to a group of women that have made the decision to have an abortion and are in the process of healing. You will be offered the opportunity to share your story with a trained lay counselor without judgment. We are here to help guide and support you or to refer you to a professional counselor in your area.

Miscarriage Recovery
Options for Women relates to the heartache every woman goes through after a miscarriage. We have trained lay counselors available to meet with you one on one, to guide and support you through the healing process and be here for you along the way. The lessons we offer have some helpful ideas for mothers and fathers, and other family members going through the grieving and healing process.