Pack and Play
Are you in need of a Safe Place to sleep for your baby? We are a Cradle of Hope Crib Site and are able to offer Pack & Plays at no cost to you. We will have you fill out a brief application and all we ask is that you watch a series of five safety lessons from our Earn While You Learn Program. Once you have completed all five lessons we will have a pack & play on hand to send home with you.


The Lessons will include:
  • First Aid-Illnesses
  • Safe from the Start
  • Reducing SIDS-Safe Sleep
  • First Aid-Accidents
  • Portrait of a Promise-Shaken Baby Syndrome
Are you in need of financial assistance due to pregnancy? The Cradle of Hope Motherhood Fund helps pregnant women who have incurred expenses as a result of their pregnancy. For more information call  320-589-0300 and we can help you get started